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Hi there!

Born and raised in Florida, I've been with The Walt Disney Company for over a decade, creating concept art, graphics and models for real-world production, and sculpting, painting, and theming as a scenic artist.

As a freelancer, I create animation, logos, and the occasional website.


I've conceived and storyboarded several animated shorts



I love travel and the outdoors. Hiking, camping, paddling, playing Ultimate, and freediving. (Current breath hold personal best: 5:15.)

Music enthusiast, trumpet player, semi-pro whistler, throat singer.

I also love designing (and occasionally building) furniture, boomerangs and other wooden toys. Tiny houses and mobile dwellings are an obsession of mine.


When it comes right down to it, I like to solve problems, create things that I enjoy looking at, and hopefully make the world a better place. 

Equity, education, and the environment.

Please get in touch for any reason at all. Thanks for visiting!

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